Real Doctor Reacts To Absurd MCT OIL & COCONUT OIL Claims

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MCT OIL and COCONUT OIL are routinely called a "superfood", a "healthy fat" and a staple for a keto diet. They are found in supermarkets and health food stores, but according to the news coconut oil might not be as healthy. In this video Dr. Ekberg reacts to a report from Canadian CBC News. They refer to a study on MCT oil and then attempts to discredit coconut oil on the sole basis that it contains saturated fats.
The report compares Coconut oil to butter, olive oil and lard inferring that the more saturated fats something has, the worse it must be. Watch a Real Doctor React To Absurd MCT OIL & COCONUT OIL Claims and give you the actual truth about saturated fats in general and coconut oil in particular.

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