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Mallory Must Not Die! - Retired Colonel Harper wishes to retire to his ranch, but the malicious Bart Ambler also has an interest in the property.

Mallory Must Not Die! (1971)
Director: Mario Moroni
Writer: Mario Moroni (idea and screenplay)
Stars: Robert Woods, Gabriella Giorgelli, Teodoro Corrà
Genres: Action | Romance | Western
Country: Italy
Language: English
Release Date: 18 November 1971 (Italy)
Also Known As: Django - unerbittlich bis zum Tod
Filming Locations: Elios Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Robert Woods – he’s Robert Wood in the credits here – is Larry Mallory, a half-breed heading West to Texas with partner Col. Todd Harper (Renato Baldini), a former Confederate officer.

Harper wants to get even with a man named Bart Ambler (Teodoro Corra), who was somehow responsible for his sister’s death during the war. He plans to do that by buying a prized ranch out from under Ambler.

It’s a ranch that was once in possession of the Ambler family. It’s a ranch destined to grow in value with the arrival of the railroad. Harper completes the purchase with a wagon laden with gold via an agent named Ferguson.

Enraged when learning about the deal, Bart and Block Stone kill Ferguson, steal the gold and try to buy back the ranch through legitimate means. When that doesn’t work … well, gun play ensues.

But Bart has trouble finding a gun that will be a match for Mallory, a half-breed Harper has taken on as his partner because he once saved his life.

Complicating matters, Mallory finds himself falling for Ambler’s pretty sister Cora (Gabriella Giorgelli), who hates violence. Written by Mark Franklin on

"In the very earliest days of cheap VHS releases, I bought MY NAME IS MALLORY for less than ten bucks. It was the second VHS tape I picked up, the first being DAY OF ANGER under another title, GUN LAW I think. I never got around to watching MALLORY and it disappeared before I got serious about collecting spaghetti westerns. It's a good looking widescreen film, made at Elios Studios. I recognized a set from DAY OF ANGER, also used in DEATH RIDES A HORSE, the staircase in the saloon unmistakable. This one was not filmed in Ameria, Spain though, exteriors are in the countryside around Rome. Larry Mallory (Robert Woods) buys a ranch along with his partner, Col. Hasper (Renato Baldini). It used to belong to the Amblers, Bart (a very mean gunfighter, and his lovely sister Cora (the luscious Gabriella Giorgelli) and they want it back. Bart is willing to kill and steal to make it so, but Cora is innocent of his deviltry. Bart's main partner is Block Stone (shades of Dash Riprock!) played by Artemio Antonini. He's very good and reminds me physically of Eli Wallach's Tuco. He's a formidable opponent for Mallory and they have a terrific fight which leaves both men out of action for awhile. And the elusive Carla Mancini plays Maria, a maid who pours water on Cora while she's taking a bath. I believe it's one of the few identifiable roles she played. MY NAME IS MALLORY is an elusive movie, but it's worth seeking out. Robert Woods is good as always, although he sports a funky hair-cut in this one. He's a half-breed and I guess the pony tail indicates that. A solid six, spaghetti western fans will enjoy it more than non-fans." Written by heybhc on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Il mio nome è Mallory... M come morte
Brazil: Meu Nome é Mallory... Com 'M' de Morte
France: Mallory 'M' comme la mort
Germany (DVD title): Django - unerbittlich bis zum Tod
Greece (transliterated title): Sto Texas o ilios einai kokkinos
Sweden: Mitt namn är Mallory
West Germany: Django - Unerbittlich bis zum Tod
World-wide (English title): Mallory Must Not Die!
World-wide (English title) (alternative title): My Name Is Mallory... M Means Death
Yugoslavia (Serbian title): Malori kao smrt


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